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Lesson 1: Symbols From the Other-Worldly | Lesson 2: Message From the Other-Worldly | Lesson 3: Ancient Artifacts that Point to Harnessed Sonic Energy | Lesson 4: Activating Junk DNA and Mysteries of Our Origin | Lesson 5: Exploring a Bigger Picture | Lesson 6: Divinity Around and Within | Lesson 7: Conclusions and Hypotheses | Appendices | Ascension Meditation: Wiggle Resonance

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"Ancient Breakthrough Energy Technology" presented by Michael Tellinger (Watch up to the 1 hour 19 minute 33 second mark.)

From 2:25-3:13 - The role of sonic energy in religions and higher consciousness.
From 4:20-5:05 - Sonic energy from the earth has the potential to be harnessed.
From 5:49-6:11 - Resonant sonic energy's role in material manifestations.
From 9:55-10:55 - Sound waves at a specific frequency results in levitation. Video of acoustic levitation of water using "singing bowl":
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From 13:33-13:47 - Graphic view of sonic waves reveals a cross at the center.
sonic cross
Is this where the cross found in religious symbology is derived? The statue that represents the mormon religion is representative of sonic energy, spherical objects, and gold.
mormon statue
In a graphic representation of a scene from the bible, God is accompanied by angels and trumpets. Generalize angles as flying entities with identities, and these flying entities can blare loud tones. Many scenes from the bible speak of loud sounds associated with God and the Heavens.
seven angels
Additionally, the Hindu god Krsna is often depicted with a flute, which can be generalized as a "sonic device."
krsna flute
From 14:14-15:00 - Discovery of the real function of the pyramids in Egypt. Watch 8 minute video:
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From 17:55-18:14 and at 19:40 - Cone shaped devices that harness sonic energy to move objects. Also seen in the hands of the Hindu goddess Laxshmi.
Numerous ancient ruins contain large blocks that are too large for human hands to move.
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From 23:12-24:03 - The importance of gold to the gods. (Reflect on Lesson 1.30)
From 24:57-25:32 - Excerpts from the bible are condensed versions of Sumerian tablets.
From 27:21-27:36 - Reference to Zecharia Sitchin's writings. The gods created miners to get the gold that they required. Gold is well-known for its conductive properties in electricity/power.
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From 40:25-40:39 - Evidence of a great flood, as also referenced in the bible. The flood also covered some parts of the Mayan civilization.
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There are Mayan images that point to advanced technology, along with golden artifacts.
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There is also evidence of flying crafts in Hinduism.
From 46:00-46:17 - Hornfels stone, aka Ringstone, is a rock with a composition that fosters sonic resonance. (Link to info on hornfels: and link to the Ringstone symbol:
From 1:02:36-1:03:30 - Rock formations formed from sonic energy during resonance.
At 47:37 - The resonant stones contain silicon in their composition. Recall Lesson 2.35: Comparison of SETI data strip with crop formation reply.
data strips
Conjecture: The "gray aliens" who form the crop circles are advanced forms of living Artificial Intelligence. This concept is supported by the Remove Viewing video here from 3:20-3:25
Part 1 of this clip is in Appendix 4.
Continuing... They are "Messengers of God", made of silicon (which holds memory), perhaps with crystal skulls (which transmit data). The bible has references of angels as messengers. They are winged, which means they fly, and have a halo, which is representative of a globe-like structure/form.
angel halo
That they appear as having human faces is likely due to the commissioning of religious art that the church leaders instituted hundreds of years ago. (Representative of intelligent pilots of the crafts from whom our "likeness" from Creation is derived.) Review Lesson 2.40, the message is similar to teachings of ancient religious texts. Perhaps some of the crafts are piloted by AI silicon life forms that we call Greys. Today's science is continuing to advance the concept of Artificial Intelligence. (Links:,,
A look at a Sumerian work depicts the tall Anunnaki (the "giants" in the tales of yore) with a flying craft above.
Notice the moustache/beard on the figure at right. The image from Lesson 2.15 seems to have lines that may also represent a beard.
mans likeness
Conjecture: This may be Enki today, or Krsna, Viracocha, Ahura Mazda, etc (aka: Creationist God), or their progeny. More on Ahura Mazda: (Link:
From 1:18:06-1:19:33 - Galactic light assists our higher consciousness via junk DNA activation.
1:19:33 - Stop video. The rest is a method to deviate from the society that we were born into. An alternative approach and perspective are discussed later, which does not require such a drastic cultural change to our personal lives, but rather introduces a method to have a specific perspective towards reality.
Lesson 1: Symbols From the Other-Worldly | Lesson 2: Message From the Other-Worldly | Lesson 3: Ancient Artifacts that Point to Harnessed Sonic Energy | Lesson 4: Activating Junk DNA and Mysteries of Our Origin | Lesson 5: Exploring a Bigger Picture | Lesson 6: Divinity Around and Within | Lesson 7: Conclusions and Hypotheses | Appendices| | Ascension Meditation: Wiggle Resonance
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